Steve Gerrard Gerrard, He’s big and he’s… awkward?

That’s not exactly the song Scousers sing for Stevie G, but it might as well be. I just came across the video of the pre-match handshakes at the Liverpool-West Brom game, and saw this

Ouch! That must’ve hurt. Its not the first time Gerrard’s been merked by a kid, though, has he? We all remember this gem from a Chelsea mascot a few years ago.

Gerrard may be our inspirational leader on the pitch, but he’s also quite awkward and quiet when it comes to public appearances, like a lot of footballers seem to be. Here’s Gerrard, not exactly being a knight in shining armour.

And who can forget this interview after the Luton Town FA Cup game a few years ago. Not exactly awkward, but still funny.

Of course, put him on the football pitch, and he becomes quite the performer (jump to 1:38)